General Questions
  • Why don't you do developmental editing?

    Over the years we've found that developmental editing causes the most disagreements between author and publisher. During our review, we might suggest a character or plot change to make it more commercially viable. Author agrees. We make the change and the author isn't happy about the proposed change. So either we push forward with an unhappy author or we change it to be more in line with the author's vision or we decide to not go ahead with publishing and release the author from the contract.

    Ultimately, neither party is usually 100% satisfied. With our current method, we both either love the manuscript or we don't move forward with it.

    Now, that isn't to say we don't do general editing on said manuscript. We give it a good proofread for spelling and grammar.

  • Our goal is to get your book to market in under 3 months from a signed contract.

  • We cannot guarantee a presence in physical stores. We do all we can with our distributor to make it as easy for physical stores to order and sell your books. But, space is limited and they're very picky.

    You have a good chance of getting into local stores and libraries though.

  • A handful of short scenes is fine. For example, The Witcher and Mass Effect, both have sex scenes but it isn't the main point of the story. We mostly avoid content that is erotica with a side of fantasy or scenes that go on for pages.

Financial Topics
  • We pay in June and December of each year.

  • We require authors to fill out a W9 prior to their first payment. A 1099 will be sent out each year. We also ask for banking information so we can send payments.

  • We pay by ACH, Check, or Paypal.

  • As long as you're in the United States or Canada.

  • By default, we don't ask for audio rights from you. If you want us to shop around on your behalf we can do that based on a simple agreement which entitles us a small finders fee upon sale of audio rights.

  • This is a question we get from a lot of authors as some publishers try to define it differently. For us net is how much we get from the story directly. For an Amazon eBook, they take 30%. If we sell your book for $5, net would be $3.50. For a physical book, pricing is based on cost to print, ship, and fulfilment. Many stores require different wholesale pricing as well.

    From this we give you 25%. The remainder goes towards covering the cost to produce and promote the book.

  • Short answer, for novels generally $200 to $1,000.

    Long answer, it depends on a number of factors. If you're a new author without much social media presence it'll generally be towards the lower end. If you've got a handful of books with a bunch of fans, it'll be towards the higher end.

  • We use bonus in the truest form. It isn't guaranteed and it's for authors and books that exceed our goals and expectations. Are your ads outperforming our target metrics? Do you have a legion of fans who are buying your books? We'll reward you.

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