Road Map
June 1, 2019

We launched our new site in Q1 2019. This is a huge step up from our old process. Previously, authors would need to email their manuscript to us. This resulted is an inconsistant work flow. We'd move emails from folder to folder and sometimes we'd lose track. Now, authors upload their manuscript and our staff can review it in one location. We're able to track manuscripts by age and status. This ensures that no manuscript is lost in a flood of emails or when someone goes on vacation.

Once a manuscript is accepted authors are notified and an account is created for them. This account lets them sign their contract and enter payment information. We have more plans for more improvements to our author portal. Including, allowing authors to see the status of their manuscript, sales, and how much they're getting paid. We're also planning on notifying authors when we get inquiries for other rights including audio and foreign language.

In the future we'll open the author portal to everyone who submits a manuscript. This will be optional and only for those who wish to see the status of their manuscript.

By the end of 2020 we're hoping to have the most advanced publishing platform for our authors.

We have a lot of work ahead of us. Right now we're focusing on behind the scenes changes. This will help us improve our workflow efficiency. The main goal is to improve the speed in which we can get manuscripts approved and to market. Here is a brief overview of some of the exciting features coming.

  • Transfer royalty tracking from 3rd party software to site.
  • Provide tracking information for authors to view their manuscript from Submission to Publishing.
  • Provide sales data to authors.
  • Send notifications for rights inqueries such as audio and foreign language.
  • API integrations with our accounting platform.