Submission information

Generally, it takes us two weeks to respond to submissions. This can be extended by holidays and a large backlog. Please allow up to four weeks for a reply.
  • Original manuscript, must be at least 25,000 words in length.
  • Please note we only publish novels over 60,000 words in print.
  • We love all types of fantasy.
  • We're accepting Military SciFi and Space Opera.
  • No erotica. No abstract, absurd, or non-conventional narrative styles.
  • We are not accepting previously published stories. This includes self published titles.
  • Manuscripts must be complete and edited. We suggest you have it edited professionally before submission.

  • We provide an advance against royalties.
  • Payments are twice a year.
  • 25% of net royalties. Plus possible bonus.
  • You keep the copyright. We only want rights to publish print and digital for a period of time.